5V Addressable RGB Stripxel LEDs (60/M, APA102, Black PCB) SKU: 60551

5V Addressable RGB Stripxel LEDs (60/M, APA102, Black PCB)

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This strip offer offers 4 line (Pwr/Gnd/Clk/Dat) control of APA102C RGBs, 60/M on black substrate in a silicone sleeve.

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These addressable RGB stripxels feature the APA102C LED elements mounted 60 per meter, on a black PCB. This model is cased in a silicone IP65-compliant sleeve for good water resistance, but I wouldn’t suggest you add exterior patio lighting to your submarine with them.

These are sold by the meter


  • EpistarAPA102C 5050SMD RGB LEDs (140° viewing angle)
  • Luminescence (MCD per 1m/60LED):
    • Red: 24000
    • Green: 42000
    • Blue: 11400
  • 5V
  • 2.88A current draw per meter (full brightness)
  • 18W maximum current draw per meter
  • 60 LEDs per meter (16.1mm spacing)
  • 10mm wide PCB (black)
  • IP65 water resistant (silicone sleeve)
  • -40 to 40°C operating temperature

These are sold by the meter! You may or may not get a power connector pre-soldered to the end of your strip. The only way to be sure is to order a full spool (5M length). A set of 4-wire connectors may be a good idea.

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