5V StripStar Addressable WHITE ONLY 144/M LED strip

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What do you call RGB Addressable LEDs without RGB? Like, all WHITE LEDs instead? You'd call it the StripStar!

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Sometimes you don't want to add color; just illumination. For those times, here's an interesting addressable Stripxel - the StripStar!

144 LEDs/M, with each pixel having 3 white elements. Using standard 3-channel (usually R/G/B) control at 8 bits each, this cool-white LED strip offers 8-bit control of each element.

Update September 2021: You would THINK that this would be 24-bit (16,777,216 levels) illumination control of white. BUT, as pointed out by a helpful customer (A.B.), illumination of a 3-element white is still just 768 levels (as 255/0/0 offers same brightness as 0/255/0 or 0/0/255). Using the same argument, how many valid combinations are there?

If you assume 3/0/0 has the same illumination as 1/1/1, then it's...768 levels? (Sorry, my binary is rusty). But light is a harsh mistress, and we cannot confirm that the illumination curve is indeed linear like this suggests. So it may be the case that 3/0/0 illumination offers a different lux than 1/1/1, in which case you would have 1/3 of 24-bit illumination, being only 5.527,125 levels.

When we get fresh inventory, we will try testing this theory out and report back to the page!


  • APA102 Epistar 5050SMD LEDs (white/white/white), 140° viewing angle
  • 24 (3*8bit) illumination control. Control that is. Actual illumination levels to be determined!
  • 144 leds / M
  • 5V
  • 34.6W / M power consumption
  • 1M spools, complete with JST-SM Male/Female connectors and extra power injection wires
  • 12mm wide, IP65 rated (silicone jacket)
  • -30 to 50°C operating temperature rated
  • APA wiring:
    • Red: 5V
    • Blue: Clock
    • Green: Data
    • Yellow: Ground

Note: Photos taken at 1/4 brightness. Brighter blows out the camera imager!

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