FUSES! We’ve got FUSES!

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Solarbotics’ Grove Academic Education Bundles

Last summer during a Solarbotics Robotics for Educators session, one of the teachers noted something about many of the mainstream robotics and electronics learning platforms commonly used in classrooms. He said that those platforms suffered from the Black Box Effect. … Read more

Technology Grad Dresses

Grad Night - on display

I have a daughter. A daughter who likes pretty things, and like most daughters, likes to stand out once in a while. As the President of a local technology-hacking company, and having been involved with more than a handful of technology dresses & costumes in the Calgary area, she thought it would be a good idea if we worked together building a High-School graduation dress, with some techno-bling.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked on something together like this. It’s our 3rd time around, learning more each time. In short, the dresses have been:

 1) Dress 1 – Purple Prototype

This project is a Salvation-Army purple rescue dress for a MakeFashion mixer event, where we sewed in a prewired LED string with battery pack to the dress lining. Simple, quick, and effective.

Materials used:

Closed for Thanksgiving (Monday October 13th, 2014)

Being in Canada, October is practically the doorstep of winter. Some places get a full three months of autumn, but for us it’s one big multicolored blur before everything gets covered in white. Sure, that means that winter takes up … Read more