Grove - I2C Touch Sensor SKU: 29086

Grove – I2C Touch Sensor

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This advanced Grove sensor breaks out into 4 touch sensor pads for finger proximity detection.

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$16.15 USD
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Based on the Freescale MPR121, this module is designed to detect the touch or proximity of fingers and report back over the I2C Grove network.

Included with this module is the Touch Sense controller, and 4 finger pads with breakout wiring.


  • Freescale MPR121 capacitive touch sensor controller
  • I2C address configurable (0x5A – 0x5D)
  • Auto-configure and debounce
  • Room for additional 4 sensors
  • 3-5.5VDC


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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm



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