Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger SKU: 29062

Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger

$20.99 CAD

Ultrasonic distance sensor, featuring the plug-in-and-use Grove system.

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$20.99 CAD
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The Grove ultrasonic ranger offers a really simple way to connect into an Arduino-compatible environment (especially when using a Seeed Grove base shield). There may be more “intelligent” and enhanced ultrasonic rangers on the market, but this unit is a bargain in performance, cost, and ease-of-implementation.


  • Grove compatible interface
  • 3-400cm (1.25-157″) range
  • 1cm (0.4″) resolution
  • PWM output (Arduino library support is a simple “ultrasonic.MeasureInInches();” call)
  • 42kHz frequency
  • Maximum 10Hz sample frequency recommended
  • 30 degree detection cone
  • 3.3-5VDC
  • Arduino library ready(SeeedStudios SULI compatible)


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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm



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