Solarbotics Kits on Instructables

Instructables is an ever-expanding documentation platform for sharing DIY projects of all kinds, from pancakes to electronics to making anything fly. Since 2005 when it became what it is now, Instructables grew from hundreds to more than a hundred thousand projects. It’s a great community of fellow makers from around the world fueled by curiosity and the spirit of sharing. So we decided to publish the step by step instructions to our own kits in an accessible instructable-style format for your convenience.

The Starry Night Pendant Kit
Initially created as an accent piece to the Starry Night Dress, it is now a standalone kit that combines electronics with a subtle wearable appeal.
The Arc Reactor Bundle
This realistic looking pendant is supposed to be worn under the garment and shine through with 6 pre-programmed color and pulsing modes.
The Solarbotics Solar Marble Machine Kit
Marble Motion kit, enabled by Solarengine technology that keeps on moving even in low indoor light!
The Solarbotics Marble Machine Kit – Battery Edition
Unlike its solar-powered cousin, it’s ready to run at your command, delivering 8 steel balls down a laser-cut wood frame.
DIY Halloween RGB LED Kitty Ears
This cute project became featured on Instructables front page and earned 2000 views so far.
Horns Fosshape Kit
Another variation of the above project – for the enthusiasts of all things evil.