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July 9, 2014

Well, we missed out on spring, but summer is finally here and it is hot! And that means we have fireworks, mosquitoes, green stuff on trees, bunnies and sparrows, air conditioning, donuts, lasers, er... that is year round. That’s why today we have some thunder clouds in order to provide some cooling, laser bent wood to  provide some funky patterns, and turtles. They are always good to have no matter the weather.

Interactive Cloud
Cloud stuffed with electronics including Arduino and motion sensors to simulate real thunder cloud. I wish it also hovered around on its own. (Via Colossal)
Curved Laser Bent Wood
Via the geeks at, here's something we'll be putting in our "Laser-to-test" file. Let's make flexible wood with laaaazors!
Please Tell This Robot What a Turtle Looks Like
...or teach him to ask about it if he doesn't know. (Via IEEESpectrum)
Light Pen Draws on LED Matrix
This seems like a beginning of something really cool. Maybe because it involves LEDs, or drawing, or matrix, I am not sure. (Via Hackaday)
A DIY Water-Saving Device
Saving water is good. I want one of those for psychological pressure, and more general guilt. (Via Arduino blog)

Just like turtles, LEDs add to any project, so hence them.


April 29, 2003
New Gearmotors!

We're very excited to announce these new "baby" versions of the popular GM2 and GM3 gearmotors. These junior versions offer a 120:1 gear reduction ratio, built-in safety clutch, and 146rpm with 20in*oz torque at 5V drawing onlyh 90mA (620mA at stall). Take a look at them in the motors section of our website! The new […]

December 14, 2004
ScoutWalker III - limited stock!

We've managed to dig up enough parts to get six ScoutWalker III's together in time for Christmas. We'll have them ready by the end of the week for shipping, so if you don't mind waiting for your order to go until then, feel free to pre-order now!

November 24, 2021
Black Friday Sales 2021

We know, we know. It's more of a "Grey Wednesday" than actually Black Friday, but we couldn't help ourselves. We have over 25 items on sale for you, with discounts ranging from a handy lil' 5% to a whopping 30% off. What kind of items? We're glad you asked! Kits Marble Machine Kit (Battery, Solar, […]

October 7, 2004
Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday, 2004

A note to our customers that the Solarbotics staff will be busy feasting and visiting with family for Canada's Thanksgiving Holiday on Monday, October 11. Any orders received between Saturday and Monday will be processed on Tuesday, October 12.

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