Wednesday Links: Robot Light Painting, Matchstick Gun and Cuboino

Masking tape and storytelling! Calcium pills and Scandinavian gods! Stop signs and distant relatives. None of the above mentioned things are going to be featured in this post, although they are extremely noteworthy. But all the things in the universe are interconnected, so there’s still a chance that this stuff will make sense for someone. So – radioactive weasels!

Robot Long Exposure Light Painting
We have tons of LED strings, gotta train Roomba (or office dogs) to do just that! (Via IEEE Spectrum)
Mini-Matchstick Gun
…can also launch toothpicks “to skewer innocent fruits”. And don’t get any other ideas! (By [King of Random], via Hackaday)
3D Printed Sugar
Sure it looks lovely, but the only question remains – is it borderline edible or fully edible after it goes through the 3D printer? And can you 3D print some artificial teeth after all this sugar is consumed? (By The Sugar Lab, Via Ignant)
MIT Academics Design Book That Lets Readers Feel the Protagonist’s Pain
I can see the potential, but please don’t make me read horror stories! (Via Designboom)
While we’ve seen quite a few marble track systems, this one allows you by far more control than others. And it is well-designed and laser-cut. (Maker’s website)

Now if universe would be so kind in all of it entropic interconnected goodness and bring me some hot chocolate, I will be very happy.