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Grove Education Pack – Expanded Lab Bundle

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The Solarbotics Grove Education Pack is a complete bundle to teach a basic course in electronics and programming.

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$378.79 USD


This bundle is meant to help teachers new to teaching in this area to inspire their students to further explore how electronics work and provide all the necessary supplies for both student and teacher.

The Expanded Lab Kit is a Basic Lab Kit with some extra toys to play with. It will provide an enhanced experience when doing Maker Projects in that students can challenge themselves to integrate advanced sensors like an ultrasonic range finder, a moisture sensor, or a real-time-clock module into their projects.

The pack and its companion guide are aimed at classes that run for a total of 30 and 40 hours. It includes presentations, lesson plans, student self-reflection pages, and an assessment guide.

The course is arranged so that it begins with structured lessons that impart the basics of how to make an Arduino function before letting students loose to look at Maker Projects where students can team up and flex their creative and design muscles.

Topics covered in the course include:
What is Arduino?
Communicating digitally.
Writing to sensors.
Reading from sensors.
Using pseudocode to plan programs.
Programming components that respond to sensors.
Project management and how to design products.

Each kit contains enough boards to run a group of 8-12 students through a robotics program (2-3 students per kit). If you have a larger class, order more kits to match your circumstance. The kits come with a plastic storage box with trays for all of the parts so that they are easy to organize and inventory.

Pack includes:
– Teacher Guide, including the lesson plan guide, the corresponding online slideshows, a self-reflection booklet for students to record their learning, and an assessment guide
– 1x Grove – Starter Kit for Arduino
– 1x The Solarbotics SketchBoard
– 1x USB-A to Micro-USB Cable
– 1x GM3 Gear Motor
– 1x Male-Male Jumper Wire Kit
– 1x Grove Ultrasonic Ranger
– 1x Grove Tilt Switch
– 1x Grove LED Bar
– 1x Grove Moisture Sensor
– 1x Grove Temperature and Humidity Sensor
– 1x Grove I2C Touch Sensor
– 1x ARDX Plastic Tool Case
– 1x Slide Potentiometer

All Grove Education Kits:
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Grove Education Pack – Basic Lab Bundle – same as Grove Education Pack – Single but with 4 of every component
Grove Education Pack – Expanded Lab Bundle – Single – includes advanced sensors for more extensive projects, one of each
Grove Education Pack – Expanded Lab Bundle – same as the previous, all components times 4

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