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Dave Hrynkiw
June 1, 2012
SB-Firefly Lights. They're so purdy. Whithout 'em, we'd have one heck of a time to find things that would hypnotize us so effectively. So this week we have a few different LEDs that we're now carrying as well as... A NEW KIT! That's right, we're releasing a brand-new Solarbotics item with built-in blinky light technology. The Solarbotics Firefly is a coin-cell powered microcontroller that runs three LEDs through button selectable light blinking sequences with smooth transitions. Use the Firefly to teach soldering, have a late night blinky party, or hack into your own creation! Get your own for $14.95.

Oh hey, we have some other new light-type-related-stuff too:

5V 200mA Step-Up Boost convertor 5V 200mA Step-Up Boost convertor
The NCP1402 is a 5V Step-up DC-DC converter. This breakout board will accept voltage inputs between 1 and 4 Volts and output a constant, low ripple 5V output capable of sourcing up to 200 mA.
Super Bright 5mm LED Super Bright 5mm LED - Aqua

Is an ultra LED not bright enough? Kick things up a notch with these SUPER BRIGHT LEDs! Now available in aqua.
Standard LED Standard LED - Blue

Standard sized diffused T1-3/4 LEDs, great for indicators. Now also available in blue.
RGB LED, 8mm clear body, Common ANODE RGB LED, 8mm clear body, Common ANODE

We've had some requests for a common Anode RGB LED, you asked, we delivered! So instead of the common pin going to ground it will go to Vcc and the signal wires go low (to ground). It seems backward to normal convention but some people like to roll that way!

So go forth, friends, and make the world a brighter place. And I ain't talkin' none of that motivational junk either. We just wanna see LEDs and blinky things everywhere.


June 21, 2012
Gone to da Faire

"What gives, where are all the newsposts this week?" Well, let me tell you. We've been running around like crazy people (which comes disturbingly easy to most of us) getting ready for the Vancouver Maker Faire, which many of our staff (including your humble poster of news) will be attending. So you'll have to hang […]

May 4, 2012
Credit Card Woes

Thanks to some information provided to us by a very determined customer (Thanks Erin!), we've been able to pin down why some of your credit cards were being declined. We've been able to correct and verify that this bug has been resolved, so those of you who have been declined while using an otherwise valid […]

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