Super Bright (Wide-angle) 5mm LED SKU: SBLED

Super Bright (Wide-angle) 5mm LED

$0.85 USD to $0.90 USD

Our SBLED series of LEDs are designed to throw light out to the side of the lens for a wide light dispersal pattern.


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What makes these 5mm LEDs interesting is they have an “inverse-conical top”, which means they’re designed to throw their light out to the sized in a very wide field. Where the SLEDs just glow, and the UBLEDs shoot a beam, these throw their light mostly out to the sides.

With the exception of the Red (rated 25mA), all these LEDs have a maximum rating of 30mA, and a nominal of 25mA.

Available Colors:

  • Yellow (350mcd, 2.1Vfwd)
  • Green (80mcd, 2.2Vfwd)
  • Blue (600mcd, 3.8Vfwd)
  • White (1000mcd, 2.7Vfwd)
  • Aqua (1800mcd, 3.8Vfwd)
  • Red (300mcd, 1.95Vfwd)


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Weight 0.0004 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 cm


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