Solarbotics at Bay Area Maker Faire …Sorta.

Guess what! Like every year, from May 19-20 Solarbotics is going to be at the Bay Area Maker Faire! Well, kinda. While we usually run a full booth to show off all our cool BEAM and Arduino stuff (we even ran a totally rockin’ ARDX workshop last time), it unfortunately looks like costs have risen a bit too much for us to be involved as we wish we could be. But that’s okay! DO NOT FRET, FELLOW HUMAN! As with every year, you can still find us hanging out in the Maker Shed – the official store for the show. We’ll have lots of our stuff for you to look at and play with, and would love nothing more than for you to drop by and say hello. So if you’re in the San Fransisco/San Mateo area next weekend, be sure to check out the Faire and meet some Solarbotians.

…we’re not sure if ‘Solarbotian’ is a proper word, but it is now. If it’s in a newspost, it’s gotta be official.