Project Monday: LogoTurtleBot

Dave Hrynkiw
May 14, 2012

Question: What ever happened to punch cards? Nobody really knows, but the world became a much much darker place without them. There was something undeniably magical about making a computer do your bidding through feeding it a piece of paper with a bunch of holes in it ("THE ULTIMATE POWER IS MINE! I CAN NOW FIND OUT THE SUM OF TWO SINGLE-DIGIT NUMBERS!").

Lets Make Robots user isotope is bringing punch cards into the future. He has developed a drawing robot that it programmable by feeding it with black and white paper strips. Check it out:

Aside from the GMPW wheels and motors for muscle, the LogoTurtleBot is rocking a Freeduino SB and Protoshield for brains. isotope has done a lot of fantastic things with this build - aside from the obvious novelty factor (some might think programming via paper strips isn't be the most efficient system, but it scores some mega-awesome points with us), overall it's a well thought-out platform. Using CDs to construct the chassis, for example, was a creative piece of problem-solving and an effective decision. Even the finer elements, such as the feeder for the paper instructions, is a well-executed piece of engineering. Make sure you head on over to the project page and check out the handiwork!


May 21, 2004
Victoria Day Holiday

Monday May 24 is Victoria Day in Canada. We'll be using the old Queen's Birthday as an excuse to twiddle our toes in the grass and watch robots roam free. We'll be back to work Tuesday morning, bright and early!

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