Closed for Rememberance Day (Nov 11th)

Dave Hrynkiw
November 7, 2009

Hey everyone! The first week of November has already slid by, and that puts us coming up to Remembrance Day, or Veteran's Day for our pals in the US. We'll be closed on Wednesday, November 11th to observe the event. We will resume the processing/shipping of orders and responding to any correspondence we've received when we open on Thursday.

PumLantern Winter ThemeOn a different note, although the first day of winter is technically on December 21st, we can't be fooled. Chilled winds, diminishing hours of sunlight and snow drifts are waiting pounce at any moment. So to celebrate this wonderful time of year, we've dusted off the ol' Winter Theme for our PumLantern. Just like last year, this one will only be around for a little while before it disappears again, so you better get it quick! Already have the PumLantern? No problem - you can get the PumLantern Addon right here.


June 19, 2002
Server Upgrade

Our website has been upgraded to a new server, so please be kind and forward any glitchs or problems to Andrew.

January 4, 2016
Monday New Product: Filament & Tiny...

#4-40x1/2in Yellow Zinc Standoff, M/M, 1/4in threaded ends $0.50 #4-40 x 1/2" yellow zinc coated (chromate) steel standoff. IR Reflector sensor with leads $1.00 Reflective optical sensor with transistor output. 44mm Piezo Speaker $2.25 For making a LOUD beep, this piezo suits your need. Comes mounted in a plastic case with mounting tabs. Maxell LR44 […]

January 5, 2005
CES - Mark's new bots,1759,1748603,00.asp Need I say more? (Except "Thx for the lead, Wolfgang") (For those who don't know, Mark Tilden is the founder of BEAM technology, and now designs toys for Wow-Wee toys. These are his followups to the very popular "RoboSapien")

November 4, 2015
Wednesday Links: Dancing Spiders, Protot...

Dancing Peacock Spiders with Lightsabers This is just fun to say, even more fun to watch (Via Nerdist). Turning a Tape Gun Into a Prototyping Machine Interesting idea, but not necessarily very practical (Via Makezine). A story-based Japanese Rube Goldberg Machine This Rube Goldberg machine features not only some amazing timing and clever solutions but […]

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