Friday New Product: Different Things and Other Stuff and Holidays!

Winter is not quite here yet. But close. It’s the second day of the last day of summer in 2013 today, according to the calendar at least. So lets prepare to that early by making sure all the new products are looked at. Now, how that makes sense? I am not sure. This was just to get your attention.

Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino
The engineers at Adafruit have come up with a nice little datalogger shield, this time (mostly) assembled!
Arduino Robot Bonanza by Gordon McComb
Gordon McComb keeps churning out useful books, this time adapting his Robot Bonanza to use the Arduino.
Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers
Simon Monk writes another useful book about getting right into hacking electronics. Great for impatient builders!
JST RCY Male & Female 17cm Power Cable Set
Small and tidy, high power JST RCY / BEC battery plugs, 17cm (6.7″) male/female set.
SLVR-1 Power Supply
It’s a handy power-breakout, featuring barrel-jack input, and multiple 5V regulated, unregulated, and USB-compatible power taps.

Oh, and one more thing, fellow civilians, or non-fellow civilians from other places. On Monday August 5th we are celebrating something plainly called Civic Holiday. Apparently all the other holidays are therefore deemed non-civic, except for this one. For that reason Solarbotics will be closed, and all the emails, phone messages and orders will receive all the due attention they need the next day.