JST RCY Male & Female 17cm Power Cable Set SKU: 14225

JST RCY Male & Female 17cm Power Cable Set

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Small and tidy, high power JST RCY / BEC battery plugs, 17cm (6.7″) male/female set.

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$1.00 USD
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The RC industry has done us hackers a great service in making available high-current batteries, (and in this case) and excellent power connectors. In this case, these JST RCY Battery eliminator connector (BEC) sets are ideal for connecting low to medium power applications to their power supplies. They’re originally designed for mini RC helicopters and aircraft, which usually require fairly high current, low voltage power.


  • 17cm long (6.7″) long
  • Matching Male / Female set
  • JST RCY connector style (rated maximum of 3A and 250V)
  • 22 AWG gauge wire




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Weight 0.0038 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 0.7 cm



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