Bicore Experimenter's PCB/Bundles

Dave Hrynkiw
December 3, 2001

Sorry for the delay in announcements, folks! Been quite busy getting these latest devices ready for sale.

The latest addition to the Solarbotics family of products is the Bicore Experimenter's PCB (aka:) BEP. This is a collection of useful, proven circuits that have been used by Solarbotics, and many other users of Mark Tilden's Bicore technology. We've gone through great pains to make sure these boards are proven error-free (3 revisions were tested, so please don't find any problems now!), so you should be able to take a module, put in the components, power it up, and it should work as required by your design.

Demand for these modules has been quite high, so we've released them with a practically complete set of documentation (the MSE1 module still needs some value tables generated), and application notes are still being generated. The information included is sure to get you well on your way to building your own BEAM devices.

In addition to making these very useful raw PCB modules available, we're also introducing them with an optional Bicore Experimenter's PCB Bundle which contains practically all you need to make these modules functional. It's a BIG savings over ordering the resistors, capacitors, chips, etc individually. And if that's not complete enough for you, we've also listed (not included) more parts to round out your collection for actually building robots with the bundle.


September 18, 2009
BlinkM, LilyPad, SparkFun

A SparkFun PCB, three BlinkM LEDs, three LilyPads and a PICAXE USB Programmer walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and asks, "What is this, a newspost?" The answer to that question would be YES! Chekkit oot: SparkFun Ardubot Bare PCB BlinkM Smart LED BlinkM MaxM Ultrabright Smart LED BlinkM RGB Blaster LilyPad Temperature […]

September 13, 2005
Pendulum project

It's really nice to receive pics of projects people have built out of our book "Junkbots". Here's one of the latest: the Pendulum by Christopher Pepe. Nice magnetic suspension mechanism! Read More...

July 12, 2007
2001 Solar Cell Analysis Data - Direct S...

At Solarbotics, we've been getting quite a few questions regarding the "real-world" performance of our solarcells. Although we do have the official Panasonic Sunceram datasheets, it is written in a quite technical manner and does not include practical design data.

May 16, 2011
Solarbotics & EZ-Robot: The EZBv3!

DJ Sures has been a customer of ours for a good while now, and he recently came in with this really cool product -  the EZ-B. He's a professional programmer that's been hacking toys into robots, and wanted an more streamlined way to realize his dream of simple-to-implement robotics. He started with his own versions […]

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