Solarbotics at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Solarbotics will be at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Thursday & Friday, February 16 and 17, 2017. We will demo a variety of educational kits for teachers to use in classrooms, including introductory kits to develop skills in programming, mechanical construction, and soldering.

Come put a face to the name at booth 727 at Calgary Telus Convention Centre North Building and find out how we can help you teach STEM in your classroom.

Here is what we are going to feature at the Convention:

Grove Education Pack – Expanded Lab Bundle
The Solarbotics Grove Education Pack is a complete bundle to teach a basic course in electronics and programming.
(see the earlier blog post for more details)
Mirobot – The WiFi Drawing Robot Kit
Mirobot is a WiFi drawing robot that’s easy to build and use.

Raspberry Pi 3 Bundle
Get started with the Raspberry Pi V3 Bundle. Includes the Raspberry Pi V3, Case, 8GB NOOBS OS memory card, and 5.5V power supply.
Grove – Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino
A functional kit that helps monitor the environment and care for plant growth!
Thymio II Educational Robot – Wireless
The Thymio 2 is a fully-functional robot out-of-the-box, with an excellent pedigree.
The Solarbotics Learn to Solder Kit
Want to Learn how to solder? This kit gives you a few simple parts that can be soldered onto a board to give you a wearable blinking LED badge.
Hakko FX-888D
The Hakko FX-888D is an updated digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features. A smoke absorber is an important addition to any workbench.
The Solarbotics SketchBoard
A fully assembled surface mount Arduino-compatible.
Grove – Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor
Grove Heart Rate Sensor Ear Clip that is perfect for experimentation!

Arduino Experimenters Kit
The Solarbotics edition of the Oomlout Arduino Experimenter’s Kit makes learning Arduino microcontrollers fabulously straightforward! Also available with Solarbotics own Sketchboard.

Getting Started with Arduino 3rd Edition
Once a small little handbook from the creators of Arduino, it’s now a substantial collection of useful Arduino knowledge.