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Dave Hrynkiw
January 9, 2013

This week, we're kinda bored. The New Year has been ushered in, but now it's starting to feel so... old. Almost like the same 'New Year' thing happens every 12 months or something. So instead of just your normal smattering of links, this week we want to include something to make it a little bit more interesting. And nothing quite does a better job of that than injecting a little bit of OUTER SPACE here and there, to spice things up. You know, with... space spice. Mmm, so good.

Mini-Ornithopter Prototypes
Instructables user Tomdf has published a very comprehensive tutorial that covers his development process of small winged robots. The thinking and craftsmanship in his work is astounding.
Ardu-pong! the Arduino based pong console
One more Instructable, this time from user kyle binkerhoff, who made a nice lil' walk-through for making your very own Arduino-based Pong console.
Electrostatic Discharge Gun
Ah, to have lived, and loved an ESD discharge gun! Also, be sure to check out some of this user's other videos - they do great jobs of showing you what not to do while working with electronics.
ISS Solid State Lighting Module
NASA will be relighting the ISS with LED lighting in 2016. For that romantic ambiance, without the mercury-vapour buzz killing the mood.
HUB-ee Wheel Speed Test
Very cool items we've had the privilege to beta test. They had a drag race to find out the speed differences between the 120:1 and 180:1 HUB-ee wheels.
Iinternation Space Station Commander Hadfield on Twitter
Chris Hadfield, fellow Canadian and running the show up on the ISS, is Tweeting from space. His feed is full of pictures from orbit and cool insights into life while orbiting earth.

Just think about it folks, right now we're receiving Tweets from someone orbiting the planet. You don't need no fancy hashtags to make that cool.



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