Make Something Useless Useful Update

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May 14, 2015

We've been trying to Make Something Useless Useful since 2012. In order to do that we've been donating a percentage of past sales of the Useless Box to Plan Canada. In year 2013 $5,000 went to Plan Canada' Gift of Hope School Construction in Honduras.Here's what the $5,000 we donated in December 2013 was able to accomplish:

  • 16 new classrooms have been constructed across six schools; classrooms are equipped with furniture and learning materials to create a nurturing school environment for children.
  • Six solar panel systems have been installed to provide consistent electricity to each school.
  • Two libraries have been built and equipped with child-friendly furniture, computers, and a wide selection of books to strengthen children's comprehensive development.

This year we are hoping to donate $10,000, so with every Useless Box purchase you are supporting this goal!



February 13, 2003
K SMD Motor Driver

Got a new kit for you - the K SMD L293D Motor Driver. No, no, the SMD isn't "surface mount" - it's the Secret Motor Driver! This L293D-based motor driver fits secretly inside most standard servo cases like the Futaba S3003/S148, and our own GM4 gear motors. It replaces the low-voltage original electronics with LED-indicated, […]

May 19, 2011
We're CLOSED for Maker Faire

Yeah, we warned you. We're not even in our office to write out this newspost. Nay, this is one of them fancy pre-recorded messages. It may or may not self destruct. So, yes, we're closed from May 19th (Thursday) to the 24th  (Tuesday). We'll resume filling/shipping orders and replying to any correspondance once we're back […]

February 4, 2002
Pushpin Update

We've been getting many requests for additional inventory of our popular Push Pogo Pins. Well, we've ordered a batch, and we'll post an update when they're finally in. Sorry, no better ETA than that!

March 23, 2005
Closed for Good Friday

Please be advised that Solarbotics will be closed this Friday, March the 25th. We will resume operations Monday, March 28th so any Express Orders that come in after 2:00pm this Thursday will not go out until Monday, March 28. Take it easy on the chocolate!

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