GM8 Gearmotors win Minisumo!

StrongBad Winner of RSA 2003 MiniSumo!

The Award!

Wheee! Well, that business trip to the Robot Society of America 2003 Robot Games and Expo went well! We went out to see what the rest of the hobby robotics community was up to (and to support one of our latest distributors, Hobby Engineering), and we ended up winning mini-sumo with StrongBad the president’s (me) own project mini-sumo robot!

StrongBad started out as a testbed for a 4WD robot base using our then-new GM8 gear motors. When combined with a left-over brainboard from a Solarbotics’ WCRG mini-sumo workshop brain, it proved to be quite the competitor.

We’re working on sourcing similar wheels as on StrongBad, so stay tuned!