Solarbotics looking for fun people

Dave Hrynkiw
June 11, 2007

...oh, and they also should want to work with us.

We have a few positions open we want to fill with people that have a good sense of humour, have some geek qualities, and can tell the difference between a diode and resistor (or sincerely want to learn!)

Here are the types of
people we're looking for:

  • ubergeek specializing in microcontrollers &
    other clever electronics. Atmels, PICs, and Stamps, oh my! Oh, and
    discrete electronics experience is always a plus. Want to impress us?
    Show off some 'bots & projects. Did I mention the fully-furnished
    R&D lab you get to share? Even has Sherline Lathes and Mills to
    better make projects with!

  • Purchaser/Coordinator/Ass't Manager. There's lots
    going on here, so we're looking for a person that is comfortable with
    tracking inventory, placing POs, and making sure they arrive and get
    processed appropriately. In addition, this person will be the
    administrative "Left Hand" (the "right-hand" position is already

So if you have a sense of humour (an absolute
necessity - we like to working with people who like coming to work),
don't mind a dog and an occasional after-school child, and want to join
us up here in the Great White North (where it's truly beautiful), drop us a line
with your resume, your contact information, and if applicable, a
link to your website. (Solarbotics/HVW Technologies is a non-smoking workplace)


June 30, 2017
Closed for Canada Day

We are closed on Monday, July 3rd in lieu of Canada Day this Saturday (July 1st)! We will be back in business July 4th.

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