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Dave Hrynkiw
July 28, 2005

Hi all. Yesterday's solar race cars were very cool. Lots of neat tech, and a neck'n'neck race to the finish too! I took the extra effort to see some of the cars out at highway speed, then saw them again in-town. These things
move! Anyways, enough about that.

I got an email from John Hopkins, who's working on a documentary about Mark Tilden and the Robosapien. From John:

Hi there,

I'm a producer/director from Canada and Mark Tilden's cousin. I've been researching and shooting a feature documentary about the lifelong adventures, ideas, and scientific work of Mark Tilden for CBC's Nature of Things in Canada. 

I'm collecting as much interesting video and info about Mark and his bots as I can at the moment. In the sense of America's Funniest Home Videos, I'd be interested in finding as many links as possible for mpegs/DV video that people have shot and put together of the RS1's (RS2, Raptors, Pets when released) doing funny, completely whacked, useful, or interesting things, taking over the world, your city, home, country as well as demos of interesting hacks and modifications. Can be done in any language, anywhere (playing tennis, doing ballet, soccer, saluting guards at Buckingham Palace, riding human taxis in Calcutta, running factories, drinking beer at a pub and burping, driving a taxi, on a date, fishing, encounters with your cat, etc... Will leave it to your imagination, anything goes. 
I would also be interested in hearing any suggestions and ideas that people might make for some interesting scene's for Mark's documentary that might be fun and informative, as well hearing about anyone's ideas as to who or what might be good subjects to interview/film (and contact info) like the guy who bought 20 RS so they could salut his full sized Darth Vader. 
Please find my site below and feel free to link to it if you so wish. There has been no release date announced for the documentary at this time. If you know of other sites with a Tilden/RS/BEAM fan-participant base, I'd be happy if you let them know about this. My contact info is below. Please understand that because of the amount of emails that I have been receiving in connection to interest in Mark's film, I might not be able to respond to everything that comes in. We will look at the best entries for possible inclusion in the film for worldwide distribution and exhibition.

Thanks for any assistance you and your site participants might be able to offer.


John Hopkins, Producer/Director
Square Deal Productions Atlantic Inc.
106 Monument Road, RR#4 Breadalbane
Prince Edward Island, Canada, C0A 1E0
Tel: (902) 621-0361
Fax: (514) 370-3743


December 20, 2004
ScoutWalker III back in stock!

There's still time to get your Solarbotics order in time for Christmas if you select courier shipping (maybe even just airmail, if you get the order in today and you live closeby). We now have a solid inventory of ScoutWalker III kits in stock, so if you want to have one from "Santa" this year, […]

January 12, 2011
Everybody have a good 2010? Good...

Let's start 2011 by promoting a worthwhile event sponsored by one of our suppliers, SparkFun. Tomorrow is their 2nd "Free Day". Last year's event pretty much crashed their servers (we sent flowers of condolence). This year, they're going about it a bit wiser, offering several ways to taking advantage of their $150,000 give-away. We're big […]

October 24, 2016
Robot Costume Hack

Since Halloween is just around the corner we've built and published a few projects in order to give some ideas to the DIY costume-inclined folks. One is DIY Halloween RGB LED Kitty Ears and two is Halloween LED Witch Hat. So for this third hack we started with an online-bought robot costume, but being a […]

February 9, 2011
Interesting Mini-sumo build

This mini-sumo design by Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin features our wheels, and one of our favourite building materials, Sintra. We can't laser-cut sintra (PVC=bad stuff when burned), but milling it works well, as this builder shows. The asymmetric motor layout works, as proven by this contest-winning design (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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