Propellor, Maker Faire

Dave Hrynkiw
May 8, 2009

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a special edition Evening News Post! That's right, it's way past the magical closing time here at Solarbotics but some of us are trudging onward. To what end, you wonder? Well, if you've seen that shiny orange promo banner up top you'll know why. MAKER FAIRE! Yup, just like the past few years we're once again gearing up to make the trip to sunny San Fransisco to show off all our wares. If you're in the Bay area, swing by to say hello. You'll also find a BUNCH of cool stuff at the faire - there's no possible way to explain all the awesome things we've seen at past shows. But until the 30th and 31st roll around, we're in gung-ho mode while we prepare. Fair  warning (Bahaha! Awesome pun!) - Solarbotics and HVW Tech will be closed from May 29th to June 1st, so you may want to plan ahead if you foresee an urgent order in your near future. We'll have more details regarding being closed as we get closer to the date.

But what if you're not going to be at Maker Faire? What if you just want more cool stuff instead? Don't worry, we have you covered with a brand spankin' new 2.55" Propellor from GWS. Check out that stats on this bad boy:2.55in Propellor

  • 63mm (2.5") long
  • 19mm (0.75") pitch (how much it theoretically moves forward in a single full revolution)
  • 1mm shaft hole diameter (easily drilled out to suit your motor)

It's online and ready for purchase, you know the drill. And that about wraps it up - have a great weekend everyone!


November 10, 2015
Closed Wednesday, November 11th (Remembr...

Just a quick note to remind everyone that we are closed on Remembrance Day - Wednesday November 11 2015, and will resume responding to phone calls and emails the next day.

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Project Monday: Pingbot

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April 17, 2004
Order form shipping glitch

If you're placing an order with us for a dimensionally small order and you're NOT getting the ground mail option, it's most likely due to a bug we're trying to isolate. If this is the case with your order, please use the comments field during the checkout process to indicate "Ground shipping requested". Sorry about […]

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