USB Powered Bluetooth RGB String Light - 10m SKU: 60599

USB Powered Bluetooth RGB String Light – 10m

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A hassle-free 10m string of RGB LEDs that you can plug in via USB and control with your phone over Bluetooth.

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$15.45 USD
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Sometimes you need cool looking lights without any fuss or muss. Enter this 10m (32ft) string of RGB LEDs that plug into a USB port and are controlled via Bluetooth. Just download the app (scan the QR Code on the cable dongle) to your phone, pair to the string, and you’re all set – choose the hue, blink pattern, brightness, and more. No soldering or special connectors needed.

This is about as close as you can get to plug n’ play RGB goodness.


  • USB-A plug (rectangle), compatible with practically any USB power source/power pack
  • 29 modes of operation including
    • “Sync to Music”
    • Timer mode
  • 1-100% controllable illumination of each Red/Green/Blue Channel
  • 5V/1A Power required


  1. Scan QR code on control module to bring up the app store for “LED BLE”, and install it.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone
  3. Plug in USB string light
  4. Pair with “LEDBLE”
  5. When you first open the LED BLE app, make sure you grant permissions to use the device location.
    1. If you get to a home screen for the app, select ‘LED BLE’.
  6. From within the app you can custom colour, blinking, brightness, and music options.

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