Slow flash RGB 3mm LEDS SKU: UBLED3-SRGB

Slow flash RGB 3mm LEDS

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RGB 3mm LED with built-in controller to cycle colors in a slow, relaxed manner.

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$0.35 USD
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We occasionally need just a pretty light for the purpose of a pretty light. This 3mm color-cycling Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED suits the purpose perfectly, especially when paired with a 3V CR2032 coin cell. Strap them together with a bit of tape, and you have a smooth, color-shifting LED, that you can put… anywhere!


  • RGB slow color mix operation
  • 3mm diameter clear LED body
  • 25° viewing angle
  • 5V Nominal operation @20mA draw
    • Red: 4000-5000 lumens
    • Green: 7000-9000 lumens
    • Blue: 5000-6000 lumens
  • 3V performance (CR2032 coin cell):
    • 2.2 to 7.2mA (4.7mA avg) draw


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Dimensions 3.5 × 0.3 × 0.3 cm


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