SparkFun 16x2 SerLCD - RGB Text 3.3V(Qwiic) SKU: 50677

SparkFun 16×2 SerLCD – RGB Text 3.3V(Qwiic)

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This is similar to other 16×2 character LCDs that you’ve seen before but has an ATMega 328P as the controller and RGB text.

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$22.99 USD
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The SparkFun SerLCD is an AVR-based, serial enabled LCD that provides a simple and cost-effective solution for adding a 16×2 RGB on Black Liquid Crystal Display into your project. Sparkfun has seriously overhauled the PCB design on the back of the screen by including an ATmega328P that handles all of the screen control, meaning a backpack is no longer needed! This display can now communicate in three different ways: serial, I2C, and SPI. This comes equipped with a Qwiic connector, bringing serial LCDs into the Qwiic ecosystem. This simplifies the number of wires needed and allows your project to display all kinds of text and numbers.

The on-board ATmega328P AVR microcontroller utilizes 11.0592 MHz crystal for greater communication accuracy with adjustable baud rates of 1200 through 1000000 but is default set at 9600. The firmware for this SerLCD is fully opensource and allows for any customizations you may need.

Note: Since the SerLCD is a 3.3V device, please make sure you convert to 3.3V logic depending on your chosen microcontroller or single board computer. Otherwise, you may risk damaging your board.


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