RF500TB-14415 DC Motor SKU: RM4A

RF500TB-14415 DC Motor

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The RF500TB is a very efficient, powerful, slow pancake motor.

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$4.95 USD
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The motor is almost an identical clone of the RF500TB by Mabuchi but with one big difference: it’s still being produced! The new RF500TB-14415 from QX Motor Co still maintains the same specifications and quality of the Mabuchi brand along with all the same dimensions you have grown accustomed to.

Just like Mabuchi, QX Motor Co has been kind enough to provide this useful little table breaking out all the need to know statistics at both 3.0V and 6.0V operating levels.

Model Voltage Free load At Max. Efficiency Stall Torque
Operating range Norminal Voltage (V) Speed (r.p.m.) Current (A) Speed (r.p.m.) Current (A) Torque (g.cm) Output (W)
QX-RF-500TB-14415 1.5~6.0 3.0 1800 0.022 1400 0.085 8.0 0.11 41
QX-RF-500TB-14415 1.5~6.0 6.0 3700 0.028 3000 0.13 14 0.43 84


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Dimensions 3.178 × 3.152 × 3.178 cm



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