8-Pin Shield Stacking Header SKU: FPin8L-413

8-Pin Shield Stacking Header

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Want to stack more than one shield at a time? Use these instead of standard 6-pin headers to add extra functionality to your shield!

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$0.45 USD
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Arduino is cool. Shields are cool. More shields are more cool.

And what makes it easy to stack shields? These do! Our FPin6L-413. Catchy name, right?

It’s a female socket strip, 6 positions long, with a Long modification of 0.0413″ tail. See?

In short, you solder these in where the standard Arduino Shield interface pins would go, but now you also have a matching set of female sockets on top! Use them for stacking more shields, or just as convenient test-measurement points for your probes.

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 0.25 cm



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