Female 12-pin Header-2mm Spacing SKU: FPin12-2mm

Female 12-pin Header-2mm Spacing

$1.00 USD

Female Socket Strip – 12 per Strip, gold flash pin surfacing, 2mm spacing. These pins are perfect for interfacing to our Synapse RF engines!

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$1.00 USD
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With electronics, there’s connections, which usually means sockets and pins. To help you out is our Fpin12-2mm. That’s our way of saying it is a socket (female), 12-positions long, with the sockets spaced 2mm apart from center-to-center.

  • Type: Female (sockets)
  • Positions: 12
  • Spacing: 2mm
  • Gold Flash finish
  • Standard pin length for PCB soldering

These pins are found in our Synapse-Xbee adapter kit and are used to interface to the 2mm spacing, 12 position, Male header pins of the Synapse RF engines.

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Weight 0.0004 kg
Dimensions 2.464 × 0.641 × 0.24 cm



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