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Ever want to change the species of your RF modules? Now you can evolve your XBees into Synapses! Well that doesn't really make sense but, hey, it doesn't change the fact that you can now do it with this kit!

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Check out the cool project we did with Synapse Wireless modules!

Video part one:

Part two and three.

Do you have an Xbee application but just can't communicate at the distance you'd like it to? Drop-in this adapter with a Synapse RF module and get farther. And by farther we mean a lot farther, Synapse modules can transmit/receive up to 2.5miles (4kms) or 3miles (4.8Kms) line of sight outdoors. Synapse modules include an 8-bit microcontroller inside which allows them to be used as a stand alone RF link/controller solution. With this adapter you can upgrade your already existing Xbee solution to a quickly programmable/long-range Synapse module which has the potential to diminish the hardware you need.

So you already have a lot of Xbees that you want to use up but can't interface with Synapse products? You can now do that with this board, just get yourself a couple of 2mm 10-pin female headers and 12-pin Male headers, solder them into the unpopulated adapter PCB and you are on your way.

On this board we have broken out the extra Synapse pins, that weren't mapped to Xbee pins, to LEDs and header pins for your convenience. And yes we did say EXTRA because Synapse modules have more Input/output pins that Xbee modules.

Parts List:

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3                5mm LED (Red, Green, Orange)          
3                220 ohm Resistor                                    
2                12-pin 2.0mm spacing Female Header               
2                10-pin 2.0mm spacing Male header                   
1                6.8uF 35V Electrolytic Cap           
2                3-pin 0.1” spacing Male Header
1                Synapse-Xbee Adapter PCB   

Note: This is a solderable kit that you put together yourself, but don't worry it's a simple build and we have step-by-step instructions under our Resources tab.


This product is Open Source Hardware
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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