ARDX Arduino Mega Base Kit SKU: ARDX-MBK

ARDX Arduino Mega Base Kit

$6.95 USD

This base plate allows you to attach your rogue Arduino Mega (or compatible board) to a ARDX experimenter’s platform.

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$6.95 USD
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“Hey guys – this ARDX base platform is handy. Can I buy another?”. Ok, well now you can and we have it in Mega size too! Really, it is a handy way to keep your Arduino-platform project next to the breadboard. It’s the same unit we use on our full ARDX Experimenter’s Kit but just a bit longer.

This laser-cut acrylic plate holds an Arduino Mega or Uno-compatible footprint microcontroller development board (like the PICAXE Shield Base/Freeduino/Netduino) and a breadboard.

Included Parts

  • 4 x #4-40 x 1/2″ bolts
  • 4 x #4-40 x 1/8″ nylon spacers
  • 4 x #4-40×1/2″ nuts
  • 4 x Little rubber feet
  • 1 x Arduino Mega acrylic base plate (colors may vary)
  • 1 x Half-size breadboard

Please Note: The Base plate comes with brown protective paper covering it that will need to be peeled off to reveal the beautiful color underneath (usually translucent blue).

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Weight 0.0843 kg
Dimensions 10.799 × 10.267 × 0.75 cm


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