Ultra Bright (beam-focused) 5mm Water-Clear LED Bundle SKU: 90505

Ultra Bright (beam-focused) 5mm Water-Clear LED Bundle

$17.50 USD

An assorted bundle of all our available Ultra Bright 5mm LEDs, and the best way to quickly restock your workbench.

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$17.50 USD
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Ultrabright LEDs come from the same part family as the Standard (SLED) series LEDs, but are clear and have a much more focused beam. Good for illuminating a piece, shining through acrylic, or getting attention by blinding a friend(?) or co-worker.

These LEDs have a nominal working current of 20mA, with a maximum rating of 30mA continuous and 150mA pulse (1/10 duty cycle @ 1kHz).

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Dimensions 7 × 6.5 × 2 cm


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