Learn to Solder - The Useless Box SKU: 90020

Learn to Solder – The Useless Box

$61.25 USD

This kit is a complete starter kit to get you from 0 to useless in no time flat! We include the soldering iron, solder, screwdriver, and some very nice flush cutters.

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$61.25 USD


This kit is a good beginning to help you get familiar with the basics of soldering (not useless at all) and build a fun project (that’s where the useless comes in).

The Useless Box is an entertaining kit that will surprise you the first couple times and keep you amused while you get into arguments with it. This kit is a great party favor and is fun to modify and make your own. This great holiday bundle is a good under the tree gift (unless you have a big stocking).

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Dimensions 25 × 23 × 4 cm


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