Superflex 4.5m 90 RGB LED Strand, 5cm Spacing

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90 tiny RGB LEDs on a 4.5M (14.75') length of particularly supple Superflex wire strand. Excellent for adding a string of bling to your project.

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The Superflex LED Strings are really quite brilliant, with an LED located every 5cm over the 4.5M length for a total of 90 LEDs.

This particular string features LEDs that individually cycle through Red/Green/Blue combinations of illumination. When turned on, they all start with the same pattern, then slowly fall out of synchronization to products a brilliant, oscillating multi-color light-show!


  • 4.5M long (14.75') LED String
  • 5cm (1.9") spacing between LEDs
  • 26 gauge Superflex wire (8 strands of 36awg wire around nylon core)
  • Resistor included for 4.5V operation
  • LED viewable at ~0.05 mA/ea, functionally bright at 2mA/ea, very bright at 4mA/ea
  • 90 LED string current draw - 118mA (low power) to 238mA (high power)
  • CE authenticated
  • Colors available:

Performance Note: Factory datasheets suggest the LEDs are 20mA rated, but 90 LEDs @ 20mA = 1.8A. Although 26 gauge wire is 2.2A capable, we found powering up the strings over 15mA/LED causes stress to the LEDs closest to the power source. We recommend NOT EXCEEDING 10mA/LED (900mA for whole string) for safe operation.

Performance Note 2: We noticed that some strands may have a few dead LEDs - we will replacement strings for you if there are more than 3 dead LEDs per string.

Flexibility comparison and RGB string demo:


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Weight 0.033 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 9.5 × 3.5 cm


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