Instructables MSE Bundle - BattleSymet/MiniBall SKU: 60010

Instructables MSE Bundle – BattleSymet/MiniBall

$23.30 USD

This bundle contains the electronic components for building either the Miniball or Battle Symet Instructables.

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$23.30 USD


Jerome Demers is our intern, and he just had to build a miniball project for Instructables. And then he couldn’t help but make another Instructables, this time for a Solar Powered Battle Symet. Both these projects use the same parts, so we’ve put together this parts bundle to set you on your way.

Mechanical Parts

  • 1x Transparent Plastic Sphere (80mm – get from craft or hobby shop) (Not included – needed for Miniball)
  • 2x Paper clip (Not included – needed for both Miniball and Battle Symets)

Included Parts

Tools Required (Not included)

More Info

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 cm


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