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Regular Pager Motor 2

$3.95 USD

These new, factory-fresh pager motors come ready-to-run: no eccentric weight removal necessary like on surplus pager motors!

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$3.95 USD
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The tiny motor originally designed to swing an eccentric weight are an affordable way to build amazingly small and fascinating devices (have you seen those tiny quadcopters?). They are also quite affordable if you have a need for a motor to fit a small space.

Physical Specifications:

  • 7.05mm (0.277″) diameter
  • 16.54mm (0.651″) body length
  • 21.7mm (0.854″) overall length
  • 1.01mm (0.039″) shaft diameter
  • 2.8g mass
  • -5 to +50°C Temperature operating range

Performance (1.5V):

  • 9700RPM
  • 17.5mA free running current
  • 260mA stall current

Performance (3.0V):

  • 18420RPM
  • 22mA free running current
  • 260mA stall current

Performance (5V):

  • 31900RPM
  • 32.1mA free running current
  • 420mA stall current


More Info

Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 0.7 × 0.7 cm



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