25mm 2.5mil Polyimide Tape - 27M long SKU: 700927

25mm 2.5mil Polyimide Tape – 27M long

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Polyimide Tape 27M long – 25mm

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$14.25 USD
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Polyimide tape (often sold as “Kapton®” by Dupont) has some amazing properties. It’s heat-resistant, very tough, stretches very little, and has this wicked amber-brown translucency. We often use it to tape sensors to circuit-boards when we run them through the oven (measuring oven temperatures).

  • Resists temperature extremes from -73°C to 260°C (-100°F to 500°F).
  • Won’t soften at higher temperatures.
  • Flame, chemical and radiation resistant.
  • Backed with a silicone adhesive.

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Dimensions 22.80 × 15.30 × 3 cm


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