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Glowing Breadboard Bundle

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This bundle contains all the parts you need to do the Bling out your Breadboard Project on Instructables.

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$8.55 USD


Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already seen the Bling out your Breadboard article at Instructables. If you haven’t seen it, then click that link. We made it a very long link so that it’s hard to miss.

This bundle contains all the needed parts you’ll need to build your own glowing-goodness breadboard. Transparent breadboard, LEDs (red and Aqua!) and 100ohm resistors are included, but you get to do the assembly yourself.

“But wait!” you exclaim, “how do I deliver all those voltages and amps to make the blinky lights work?” We have the Breadboard Voltage Regulator mentioned in the article as well as a few power supplies.

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