360 Yard Spool of Conductive Thread SKU: 50472

360 Yard Spool of Conductive Thread

$79.99 CAD

It ain’t wire – it’s stainless steel THREAD, ideal for low power and signals routing.

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Wearable electronics continues to advance, and here’s another improvement – full STAINLESS STEEL conductive thread.

It’s actually spun from steel fibres, so there is no nylon core that melts while you solder it. Being a full-woven thread, it should last longer too but is actually somewhat of a “hairy” thread, so be careful when running parallel seams that may short-out against each other.


  • Woven stainless steel fibres
  • About 360 yards to a spool
  • Sewing-machine compatible
  • 28 ohms/foot resistance

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Dimensions 21 × 8 × 8 cm


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