Sparkfun Electret Microphone SKU: 50404

Sparkfun Electret Microphone

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Small electret microphone. Useful in acoustic and audio applications, voice recordings.

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$1.29 USD
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It’s a solution for detecting/recording audio that’s inexpensive and well, well documented. Electret mics have been around a very long time!


Sensitivity: -44 dB (0 dB = 1V/Pa)
Impedance: 2.2 kOhm
Directivity: Omni-Directional
Current consumption: 0.5 mA
Frequency Range: 100~10,000 Hz
Frequency Response: +5~-7dB
Weight: less than 1g
Operating Voltage: 3~10 VDC

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm


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