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Hakko FX-8804 Hot Tweezer

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Working with SMD parts or desoldering keyboards? The FX-8804 hot tweezers make the job simple when mounted to your Hakko FX-888 soldering station.

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We’re fans of Hakko equipment, having carried it for years. Hakko made one of the first really popular soldering irons (the 936, which is still being knocked off by many other manufacturers), and their FX-888 is proving to keep up that heritage.

What makes these great irons even more handy is the FX-8804 Hot Tweezer. We use it for soldering and repair surface-mount boards, and even find it ideal for de-soldering keyboard buttons from their PCBs (keyboard buttons are often waaay more expensive than buying and killing a new keyboard just for the buttons).

It’s a bit pricey, but the FX-8804 is no cheap-quality SMD tweezer. We’ve been through several different similar tools, and none have been as near as good as this!


  • FX-888 soldering station compatible
  • SMD FX-8804 Hot Tweezer (P/N:  FX8804-02)
  • Includes 1 set of tips, (P/N:  A1378 [2mm])
  • Includes 1 Heat Resistant Pad (P/N:  B2300)


  • Power Consumption – 26VAC, 65W
  • Temperature Range – 200°C – 400°C (392°F – 750°F)
  • Tip to Ground Resistance –   < 2 ohms
  • Tip to Ground Potential –   < 2 mV
  • Tips – 950 Series
  • Standard Tip – A1378 (2mm)
  • Cord Length – 1.2m (47.2 in.)
  • Length (w/o cord) – 186 mm (7.3 in.)
  • Weight (w/o cord) – 93 g (0.21 lb.)


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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 4 cm


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