40 pin Dupont Male-to-Male Jumper Ribbon Cable (20cm) SKU: 45074

40 pin Dupont Male-to-Male Jumper Ribbon Cable (20cm)

$7.95 USD

No rats nests using this 20cm ribbon-cable male/female jumper! 40 lines that stay tidy until you pull them apart!

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$7.95 USD
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Keep the together, or split them apart – that’s the beauty of the 20cm (7-3/4″) 40-conductor ribbon jumper with male/male connectors. They behave like any other similar jumper, but these are in a super-convenient ribbon you can easily split apart into custom sets.


  • Male to male pin configuration
  • 20cm (7-3/4″ long)
  • Square-body pin/receptacles
  • 40 conductors, multicolored
  • Dupont style crimp-connections

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Weight 0.033 kg
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 0.6 cm



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