Synapse "Getting Started" Transmitter Bundle SKU: 39292

Synapse “Getting Started” Transmitter Bundle

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Add a Wii Nunchuck and battery to this bundle and you’ll have a simple Joystick and 2 button interface for all kinds of wireless applications. Team this bundle up with a few Synapse Receiver bundles to control multiple high power LEDs!

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This bundle was born out of the idea of creating wireless stage lighting control. Starting with some example code that Synapse Wireless was kind enough to release to us we where to control all the PWM channels from a RF200 radio via manipulation from a Wii Nunchuk controller. We then combined that system with the majority of parts from our Northern Lights bundle and were able to do on-the-fly manipulation not only of high-power LED brightness, but of color as well. Control the Northern Lights with simple movements of your thumb and finger. Maybe you are just looking for an epically long range wireless nunchuk interface, this bundle is a sure bet for that too.

Since this bundle includes a Synapse-to-FTDI adapter you also have the ability to program other nodes over the air. You can then use it to control large numbers of Receiver bundles as it sends a multicast signal. The corresponding Receiver Bundle is avaiable here. We recommend using a battery under 6V with this bundle, like a single LiPo or a 3-cell AA pack.

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