Solarbotics MSE Solar Engine Kit SKU: K MSE

Solarbotics MSE Solar Engine Kit

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For true DIY, hack the included cassette mechanism into a solar-powered device using the high performance Miller Solarengine which converts light into impressive bursts of energy! Rapid fire, SCC2433-MSE version.

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$27.50 USD
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This Solarengine kit is a re-issue of our original “Flashing LED” solarengine that we sold out of soooo long ago. Updated with a simpler, more effective “Miller Solarengine” design, this easy-to-construct kit takes light energy and turns it into bursts of motor movement. Complete with a hackable cassette mechanism, the instructions detail several projects you can turn your Solarengine into.



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Dimensions 23 × 15 × 3.5 cm


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