ESP8266 Adapter Board SKU: 29244

ESP8266 Adapter Board

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ESP8266 ESP-12 / ESP-12E Adapter Plate with full IO.

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$0.99 USD
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Use this plate to make theĀ  ESP-12 breadboardable. All pins are easily laid out and 0.1″ spacing.


  • ESP-12 / ESP-12E / ESP-12F / ESP-202 compatible
  • 2x 8pin Male Headers included
  • 10k pull up resistor on CHPD for chip enable
  • 10k pull down resistor for GPIO2
  • Optional mounting pad for external SMD 3.3V Voltage regulator (presently jumpered)

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Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 2.8 × 0.4 cm


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