GrovePi Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Carrying a GrovePi+ board together with 12 carefully selected Grove sensors with 10 pieces cables, this starter kit gets you up and running with the Raspberry Pi quickly. Supports Linux / Windows IoT

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Just slip the GrovePi+ board over your Raspberry Pi and connect sensors to the board, are you’re ready to start prototyping with this powerful platform.

The GrovePi+ is stacked on top of the Raspberry Pi without the need for any other connections. Communication between the two occurs over the I2C interface. All Grove modules connect to the universal Grove connectors on the GrovePi+ shield via the universal 4 pin connector cable.

The Grove modules, which work on analog and digital signals, connect directly to the ATmega328 microcontroller on the Grove Pi+. The microcontroller acts as an interpreter between the Raspberry Pi and the Grove sensors. It sends, receives, and executes commands sent by the Raspberry Pi.  C and Python Libraries are available  for Linux.  C# Libraries are available for Windows 10 IoT.

The GrovePi+ is compatible with Raspberry Pi A+ ,B ,B+ , and 2.

Please note: The Raspberry Pi board is not included.

What's in the box:

  • 1x Grove Pi+
  • 1x Grove Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • 1x Grove Relay
  • 1x Grove Ultrasonic Ranger
  • 1x Grove LCD RGB Backlight
  • 1x Grove buzzer
  • 1x GrovePi+Guidebook
  • 10x Cables
  • 1x Grove sound sensor
  • 1x Grove light sensor
  • 1x Grove Button
  • 1x Grove Rotary Angle Sensor
  • 1x Grove red LED
  • 1x Grove blue LED
  • 1x Grove green LED

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