Grove - Loudness Sensor SKU: 29112

Grove – Loudness Sensor

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Detect sound with this well-engineered Grove loudness sensor.

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$6.40 USD
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Detecting sound isn’t as simple as a mic into an input. Signal conditioning and gain control are important, and are incorporated into this Grove Loudness sensor. Using an electret mic and two-stage high-pass filter using an LM2904 opamp, it creates a nice, detectable envelope signal for your Grove project. Output gain is also configurable via a built-in trim potentiometer.


  • Grove-compatible interface (analog)
  • Adjustable output gain
  • 3.5 ~ 10VDC
  • 50-20kHz mic frequency sensitivity
  • -48 ~ 66 dB mic sensitivity
  • >58db SNR ratio


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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm



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