PICAXE-20M Project Board Kit SKU: 28502

PICAXE-20M Project Board Kit

$5.99 USD

The PICAXE-20M Project Board Kit lets you quickly develop your project, and drive it with the PICAXE-20M IC!

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$5.99 USD
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The useful PICAXE-20M is made easier to use in this project board kit!

Besides having a seat for the PICAXE-20M IC, it features the download circuitry, I/O connection points, and a spot for an optional included ULN2803A darlington buffered output IC.

Note: PICAxe-20M microcontroller not included

Do you need the PICAXE Programming Editor Software? You’ll find it and other downloads right here!


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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3 cm


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