SB300 76 x 31mm, Half-sized Solder Breadboard SKU: 20900

SB300 76 x 31mm, Half-sized Solder Breadboard

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This half-sized soldering protoboard features power rails running down the center rather than the outside edges.

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$3.99 USD
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Transfer your circuit and wires without recutting wires or changing your layout. The SB300 Solderable PC BreadBoard has the same hole pattern and spacing as a standard 400 tie point breadboard without the outer power rails but with an added 2 x 30 tie-point power rails running down the middle.


  • Soldered joints provide a more reliable longterm connection than solderless plug-in contacts
  • Standard 5-hole strip for each IC pin, just like breadboards have
  • Two power rails are provided along the board centerline
  • 0.1″ hole spacing for DIP integrated circuits and headers
  • Holes are connected with thinner 0.040” traces for easier trace cutting when required


  • 31 x 76 x 1.6mm (1.2 x 3″, 1/16″thick)
  • High-quality etched FR4 glass-epoxy circuit board
  • Single sided, leadfree 1oz/ft² etched copper with an anti-tarnish coating for easy soldering
  • 360 Holes total are drilled on 0.1″ (2.54mm) centers
  • 0.042″ (1.07mm) diameter holes sized for ICs or square post headers


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